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Since returning to the Bay Area, I have been captivated by the moods of the sea and sky: their rhythms, sunsets, and the sense of transcendence they inspire in me. I am constantly in awe of nature's power, balance, and ever-changing beauty, and the emotions it evokes in us. Interpreting these emotions and capturing the beauty of nature through art is a lifelong journey for me. My art draws on my roots in Post Impressionism, but also explores the intersection of Simplification, Abstraction, and Minimalism. Vincent Van Gogh's quote, "The great artist is the simplifier," inspires me to strive for simplicity and clarity in my work as I seek to convey the depth of emotion and beauty that nature inspires in me.

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Cathy (Himmelberger) Richardi is an accomplished self-taught artist who has been practicing her craft for over a decade. Prior to dedicating herself to painting full-time, Cathy had careers in marketing for a major airline and interior design. She has lived in various locations across the United States, including New York, California, and Texas, but it was her return to the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically Marin County, that truly sparked her passion for painting. The stunning Northern California landscape served as a constant source of inspiration for Cathy, leading her to pursue her artistic pursuits with renewed focus and dedication.

Cathy currently maintains a studio in the historic Industrial Center Building in Sausalito, which is home to more than 100 artists. Her work has been recognized by several notable galleries and exhibitions, including the "Bridge to Abstraction" show at the Arc Gallery in San Francisco in November 2019 and the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts' online exhibition "BLUE" in May 2021, where her painting "Cloudy Blue" was selected by gallerist Jen Tough, founder of the Artist Alliance Community. Additionally, her paintings "Serenity" and "On a Clear Day" were featured in the 2023 and the 2024 editions of "American Artwork", an annual publication showcasing juried contemporary paintings, photographs, sculptures and crafts.   She is an active participant in Open Studios events and is available for private studio visits by appointment.

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